Synfuels Team

Synfuels International, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 in Texas with the challenge of developing, marketing and commercializing a portfolio of natural gas conversion processes which began with licensing rights to a novel technology from Texas A&M University. Under the guidance of management and the expertise of engineering, Synfuels International developed and now possesses the best and most comprehensive non-Fischer Tropsch portfolio of natural gas conversion technologies in the world.

Ben R. Weber, Jr.

–Is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Synfuels International, Inc. (Synfuels) since the inception and incorporation of the company in 1998. Over the past 38 years, Mr. Weber has served as President and only Board Member of Weber Energy Corporation, a successful upstream oil and gas exploration and production company. During this time as an upstream oil and gas producer, Mr. Weber gained knowledge of the financial potential of downstream natural gas processing by way of his ownership and operation of various cryogenic gas processing plants within the State of Texas. During the late 1990s, Mr. Weber became acquainted and involved with a team of chemical engineers and professors within the College of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University who had devised a gas to liquid (GTL) process to convert flared and vented natural gas into a sellable liquid fuel stock blend through high temperature conversion. The combination of Mr. Weber's due diligence of the process scheme idea, and the willingness of the Texas A&M Technology Licensing Department to grant an entrepreneur such as Weber an exclusive license to develop and commercialize the technology led to the formation and incorporation of Synfuels International, Inc. Mr. Weber's business plan for Synfuels has remained constant over the past 14 years, to find opportunities in the USA and worldwide to convert and monetize stranded and surplus natural gases by way of the Synfuels process. Mr. Weber is a member of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA), Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Association (TIPRO), North Texas Independent Producers Association, the Hard Hatters Club of Dallas and the Dallas Petroleum Club. Along with his business accomplishments, Mr. Weber is Past-Chairman of the Lone Star Dallas Chapter of Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) and has served on the Board of Trustees for Children's Medical Center of Dallas, The Science Place of Dallas, the Dallas County Heritage Society, and the Board of the Baylor Health Care System Foundation.

Allen Richmond

– Licensing Attorney for Synfuels International, Inc. Mr. Richmond has assisted Synfuels in its licensing business for a number of years and consults on many issues related to all aspects of the Synfuels’ technologies. Mr. Richmond retired from Phillips Petroleum Company where he was Manager, Patents and Licensing. He has over 30 years experience in licensing and intellectual property issues relating to the petroleum and petrochemical industry.

Bryan Research & Engineering

– was awarded the initial engineering contract to lay the groundwork for the research and development of the Synfuels GTL technology. They continue to provide engineering expertise on the project. BR&E is a widely recognized privately owned provider of software and engineering solutions to the oil, gas, refining and chemical industries. BR&E has combined company research and development in process simulation with state of the art computerized engineering technology. Dr. Joel Cantrell, Keith Bullin and Duane Morrow are development engineers for BR&E and have contributed to several patents in the Synfuels licensed technology portfolio.

Board of Directors

Ben R. Weber, Jr.

Chairman - see reference above.

Dr. Kenneth Hall

is currently the Associate Vice Chancellor of Engineering and Director of Texas Engineering Experiment Station at Texas A&M University System in Doha, Qatar. Dr. Hall is one of the inventors of the gas-to-liquids technology behind the Synfuels’ process, and was the motivating force which enabled Texas A&M and Synfuels to join efforts to research, develop and implement the GTL technology.

Ammar Husain

Mr.Husain is a member of the Asset Management team at Energy House Holding Co., a publicy traded company on the Kuwait Stock Exchange

Phil Lacerte

is one of Synfuels’ original investment partners. Mr. Lacerte is a partner/owner of several successful businesses including Primo’s Restaurant, Lighting Science Group, Lacerte Software, and is the General Partner of the Lacerte Capital Fund.

Robert Boggus

is the President of Boggus Motors in McAllen and part of a family of strong Synfuels investment partners. Mr. Boggus serves on the Board of the Chamber of Commerce, Salvation Army, Texas Automobile Dealers Association and the Valley Baptist Medical Center.